The story of Tigerlily

Tigerlily is an interesting female footnote character in history. No one knows exactly when 'Tigerlily' was born or what her real name was - she just appeared in the late 30's in Singapore. She ran what politely might be called a gentleman's club that served the finest of everything. The finest wines and the finest foods.

But her real trade was her secrets. Through a combination of the above she managed to gain business and trade secrets. Some say she was a secret agent for the Government and some say she just sold those secrets to the highest bidder. What cannot be argued is that during the occupation of Singapore during WW2 the secrets she gained were invaluable for the Allied forces.

Tigerlily later retired and ran a small and successful bar and restaurant that still celebrated the best Asian food, even Japanese influences, she learned. Clients came from far and wide to hear her stories and enjoy her food. Our restaurant celebrates this time of Tigerlily's life.

Please enjoy our memory of this fascinating character.